Congratulations to the band for 3rd place this weekend.  What a great start to our season! 
I was amazed at all of the parental support we had this weekend.  You guys are so awesome.  As you can see, it takes all of us to make the contest successful for the students.  It was great to see so many new faces eager to support the band.  On behalf of the students and staff, thank you, thank you, thank you.  It would not be possible without the support you have given this week.
I typically don't call out one area of volunteers, but many of you may not know that our uniform fronts were all changed out from they way the looked Friday evening, to what they wore to perform on Saturday.  That was an unusual last minute, time consuming change that our uniform crew worked hard all Saturday morning getting accomplished.  Just an example of behind the scenes things people may not notice, but make a huge difference.
Volunteer opportunities for this week will be listed at the bottom of this page....
T-shirt orders had a small delay, they should be here the first of this week for those who preordered shirts.

If you would like to purchase a pink out bracelet Nicole & Patti will be in the Commons during lunch Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Come get yours before we sell out!!!!


Thursday-   "PINK OUT"
     For those of you that might not be familiar with Pink Out, everyone is encouraged to wear pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. The majority of the student body and cheerleaders will be in pink. The football team will probably be wearing pink gloves and use pink tape. The band also supports this cause by wearing pink shirts
     Home game.  If you have purchased the meal plan, your meal will be provided before the game. It will be Sonic burgers, etc. If not, please make sure you send or deliver something to eat for your student after school.  Meal time will be determined later this week.
Friday-practice day
      Practice 4-8   If you have purchased the mal plan, your meal will be provided. It will be Fazoli's spaghetti and meatballs, etc.  If not, please make sure you send or deliver something to eat for your student after school.  Meal time will be determined later this week.
Saturday-contest day
      Meals for this day are provided for ALL students.  We will again eat lunch before we leave for the contest.  It will be Subway sandwiches, etc.  The 2nd meal will be provided at the stadium.
Schedule is included in Mr. Romano's post.  I am waiting on confirmation on the cost of entry wristbands, so I will send out another email, probably tomorrow with more information.
How we need help this week....
    Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon/evenings...washing uniforms
    Tuesday Evening....labeling water bottles, we will need 2 sets this week.
    Tuesday Evening....passing out popsicles after practice
    TBD Wednesday...attaching fabric to pvc pipe for equipment on the field
            (we have all supplies, tape, fabric, frame, just need people to do it)
    Thursday.....servers/set up for the pre-game meal, bus riders, help with uniforms, concession workers, front ensemble help, and probably something else I may be missing.
    Friday....servers/set up for the meal, people to pass out popsicles after practice
    Saturday...servers, meal set-up, loading, bus riders, and more. 

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