Contests are held at different locations throughout the season. Many times we do not know
our playing time until the week or even a few days before the contest. We will do our best to
communicate with you the information as soon as we get it.
So…a typical contest day….
Students arrive at call time ready to practice or load
Busses, trailers and semi are loaded.
Unload and set up camp.
Stretch Block, Warm up Performance,
Back to camp,
Snack or meal,
Placement for finals announced
If we made finals….Stretch block, warm up, performance
Watch other bands perform
Load instruments onto trailers
Band Massing and Awards Presentation
Hang uniforms up, finish loading trailers
Load buses and head home.
If you would like more details, another note expands on this information.


The following is a list of ways that the band needs parents to help. 


  • building
  • Maintenance
  • Loading on trucks/trailers
  • Moving onto field for all performances


  • truck drivers to pull trailers,
  • maintenance,
  • painting outside of trailers
  • loading


  • Fitting,
  • repairs, hemming
  • Washing


  • Photographer (need action pictures of each student during marching season)
  • Website updating
  • Communications
  • Videos of performances, end of year banquet video

Game Day                 

  • Water bottle labeling
  • Snacks
  • Bus Chaperones
  • Pre-Game Meals
  • Pit Crew
  • Drum Major Stand moving
  • Transportation (pull trailers, help load, etc.) 


Contest Help at least 30 parents             

  • Water Crew             (set up water for band as they enter the field for competition)          
  • Meal Servers          
  • Bus Chaperones     
  • Front Ensemble Crew                                                     
  • Drum Major Stand moving                                                
  • Transportation (pull trailers, help load, etc.) 
  • Plumes                                                                                

Band Wear                

  • t-shirts (student/booster)
  • Shoes
  • Polo


  • medical professional accompany us at each contest

Fund raising              

  • 20/20 Packets
  • Blue and Gold Sales
  • Kansas Maid Sales
  • Cookie Sales
  • Yellow Book Delivery
  • Sonic Cards
  • Sonic Car Hop
  • Bingo Night
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Silent Auction
  • Spaghetti Dinner
  • Garage Sale
  • Business Donations
  • Corporate Sponsors/donations


Concessions for Home Games  at least 15 people per game

    • Set up (begins around 3:30)
    • Food Prep (popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, etc.)
    • Order Taking,
    • Clean Up,
    • Coke machine set up
    • Loading/Unloading
    • Runners between visitor and home concessions areas



 Band dues for fall are $400 which include 

 (there are concert season dues, but much less)

  • Transportation
  • Show music  
  • Show drill part 
  • Contest Meals
  •  Snacks for Games
  •  Instrument Maintenance
  •  Additional band tech support
  •  Show Shirt
  •  Band Contest Entry Fees
  •  Misc. expenses



Additional purchase necessary for new students

  • Band Shoes
  •  Band Polo
  •  Jacket for Guard Members



Optional purchase items

  • Meal Plan
  • Practice Shirts
  • Under Armour



Parent Meetings will be held the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00 pm in the band room.

July mandatory parent/guardian meeting to be held at

Monday, July 17, 2017 at 7:00 pm (will confirm time)

Highland HIlls Baptist Church

7900 Devore Drive

OKC, OK  73162


Parent “work” times are Tuesday evenings during band rehearsals.

Great time to come get to know other parents, help get some things done, do some planning, and finish by watching the kids practice. Feel free to bring lawn chairs to watch their progress.

                  PCN Panther PrideNews… email for booster information                         PCN Booster Treasurer email…student account questions         PCN Band Booster President email                                         Band webpage

PCN Pride 2016                            official facebook page name, send a message to

                                                         join and Mr. Romano will add you as a member.


 Helpful information before band camp begins.


Band drop off/pick up is on the northwest side of the building, by the band room.

     Please don’t park in the circle drive, the students move equipment down those 

      ramps. During pick up/drop off, please watch for students as they cross from the   

      practice parking lot.


Band camp/practice is either in the band room, in the north parking lot, or on the field.


Call time means in your spot, with your instrument, ready to play.

     Arrive 15 minutes early to give yourself time to be ready.  


Be flexible when picking up your student.  

     Dismissal times are approximate.  All students are expected to put away their  instrument and uniform before they are released.  No student is ever left alone at school, so please make sure they have a ride home.


Marching band qualifies as the pe requirement for graduation for a reason.

     Marching band is a cardiovascular workout.  They will be continually marching,       running, playing, and holding their instrument for a full 8 minutes during a performance.  Students should spend their summer exercising to prepare.  Practices can be hot, so it helps if the student gets accustomed to the heat, and begins drinking plenty of water and learning about staying hydrated.


Summer vacations need to be scheduled for June and early July.

     Missing band camp makes it very difficult for the student to catch up.


Stock up on white t-shirts, black socks, and deodorant.

     Practice uniform is always white t-shirt and dark shorts/pants

(shirt can have writing, but must be primarily white)

     Black calf-length socks are required for each marching performance, have extras.

     Your student will sweat during practice & performances…

     Deodorant, deodorant, deodorant


Purchase a pair of supportive tennis shoes, a water jug or camel back and sunscreen

     Water breaks will be given, so each student needs a large jug of water.  Label everything your child brings to school.  Band students are not known for their ability to keep track of their belongings.  If it’s labeled, it can be returned quickly.


Weekends during September and October will be filled.

     Football games, contests, and practices take up almost every weekend.


Fall Break could include a game, contest, or mandatory practice.

Marching band is under the rules of OSSAA

(Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association)

     ELIGIBILITY is important. Monitor grades and attendance in ALL classes.


They will learn to play and march at the same time.

     Almost every student thinks they will never be able to.  Encourage them to keep         trying.  You will be amazed at their progress.


Begin paying dues early and try to raise it all with the 20/20 program.

     When school starts, there are many expenses that come up.  If you can make payments, or begin sending out 20/20 brochures, you could have most of your dues paid before school even begins.  Then all fundraisers you do will help fund your next 3 years of band.


Ask someone to show you the “black box”. 

     It is a secure box in the directors’ office where all money should be deposited.  Please send all money in an envelope clearly labeled with the student name, and what it is for.  The treasurer checks this box regularly.


Visit at least weekly. 

     It is the easiest way to keep updated.  It also has a link to make payments online during the year.  By the end of June, we will have the booster page updated.


YOU are important. 

     The band can not accomplish what it needs to without your financial support, but also your presence. Attend the contests and games.  Many times an entrance fee is required, usually around $15 for contests.  Our kids need to see the adults support them.  They need help pushing props, equipment, serving meals, etc.  Contest and game days are when we get to celebrate how hard they have been working every day. It is exciting to see the show at the first game, and watch each game and contest to see more steps added and improved.  The final performances are amazing!


Your student has a place to belong.

     The directors truly care about your student.  They will not ask them to do more than they are able, but they will challenge them to be their best.  They are shaping them into young adults.  Your student will also begin school knowing over 100 students.  They have a group to sit with at lunch, they stand up for each other, and the directors are looking out for them.  The boosters are always here to support them, too.



Welcome to the PCN Pride!


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